Recreational Sports


The North Lake Recreation Club offers several different levels of baseball and softball opportunities for the youth. Recreation baseball and softball starts the season in May with practices and ends in July. The different levels are listed below with a short description.

Tee-ball (4K-5K)

Designed to teach all kids, boys and girls, the basic fundamentals of the game. This level is meant to develop an interest in the game.

Coach Pitch

Teams are made up of boys and girls currently in 1st and 2nd grades. The coach pitch league is to develop individual skills. Players attempt to play with coaches pitching instead of using a tee. More rules are introduced such as 3 outs per inning.

Girls Fast Pitch

Start in 3rd grade and they can play through their 8th grade year.

Boys Player Pitch

Starts in 3rd grade and continue through 8th grade.

Brooks Baseball League.

Boys 14-17 years of age may participate. The league is organized by the Waukesha YMCA.

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